Time-resolved Combustion LIF

More than a decade ago Dantec Dynamics was the first to introduce the first commercial Time-resolved PIV system. Since then the interest for high-speed imaging systems has increased rapidly and Dantec Dynamics’ high-speed product family has grown.

Today the product family includes systems for Time-resolved Combustion LIF, integrating the latest developments in high-speed imaging and laser technology with software user-friendliness for handling high-speed analysis of even the most demanding turbulent combustion processes.

Simultaneous PIV and OH PLIF data sampled with 4 kHz, in a turbulent premixed flame. The sequence shows the flame-flow interaction. Courtesy of Lund University, Division of Combustion Physics.

High-speed combustion studies by means of LIF

Combustion studies by means of OH LIF can now be performed at kHz framing rates to capture the dynamics in a variety of applications. The technique is non-intrusive and provides in-situ information with high spatial and temporal resolution.


Advanced Nd:YAG and tunable dye lasers designed for applications at up to 10 kHz repetition rate Wide range of high-speed cameras and image intensifiers
Synchronization electronics with ultra-high temporal precision down to the sub-nanosecond range Performance software solutions including user-friendly interface and dedicated add-on for LIF in combustion application

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